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This project takes a lot of time. An enormous amount of data has to be collected, verified and entered.
We obligated us to mention data from a minimum of two independent sources.

To gather the data, PANTHERA Multimedia has its own library which contains more than 1500 (actual) titles and 250 films. Beside this library, we also have access to different (university) libraries. Of course the Internet is used too and different sources are used to enter new or modified (sub) species.

Meanwhile, a major part of the data is already entered into the database like the complete classification.
It goes without saying that this is the biggest job. Also because which has to be determined before entering the data. In some cases a whole classification is changed which led to two classifications to be recorded.
For example, Monroe and Sibley who made a new classification of birds using DNA-hybridization.

The current count of entered data is 23,000.000!